Beautiful Burgess Hill

If you’re looking for an area that will give you an idea of just how beautiful Britain can be then you won’t go far wrong if you take a trip to Burgess Hill. It’s English countryside at its finest, giving a great mix of the rolling hills covered in fields and large, forests of trees spreading over miles and quaint little villages with thatched roofs. However, it breaks the mold of beautiful country areas by actually being in an easy place to reach. This means that it’s perfect for a weekend getaway or short stay trip.

Direct trains to London can be caught from the town’s railway station and the road routes are not only convenient but will take you through some of the beautiful Sussex countryside on the way. Exploring whilst you’re there can be done in a variety of ways, but before you decide to cycle or walk around the area you might want to think about whether everybody on your trip will be ready for how hilly the area is. There is a reason behind the name.

When you’re actually in Burgess Hill you’ll discover why Sussex garners so much attention. The beautiful scenes that were mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article are all readily available not far outside the town, and the town itself boasts a number of parks and nature reserves that are open to visitors. This emphasis on the natural really makes Burgess Hill a very relaxing getaway.

Of course, Burgess Hill itself is an interesting place for visitors to stay. It’s a Fairtrade Town, meaning it’s been recognised as actively promoting Fairtrade and has succeeded in getting Fairtrade products into the shops, cafes and restaurants in the town. There are also some beautiful old historical farm buildings in and around the town, which enhance how pretty Burgess Hill already is to begin with.

Finally, not everybody is interested in wandering around a town and looking at the buildings, so there is plenty of shopping to be done in Burgess Hill. A whole day can be spent wandering from shop to shop in the pedestrianised shopping zone of Church Walk.

Branding Your Own Beauty Care Line? Get Your Artwork Straight

There is a buzz phrase circulating throughout the hair and skin care industry, and it has nothing to do with the latest beauty craze coming out of Hollywood. However, it does have something to do with Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and P-Diddy. What’s the connection? Everyone wants their own hair or skin care line.

It’s called Private Labeling. What is Private Labeling? It’s simply having a manufacturer create products for you that you can brand yourself. From high end salons and spas to small country stores, private labeling offers merchants the opportunity to shape a beauty line and put their brand name on it. It’s a very creative process that enables you to have a signature product line.

And now you want in on it. That could be a very profitable move on your part, but you’ll need to put your ducks in a row. Let’s focus on one of those now.


I speak to people on a daily basis about setting up their hair care and/or skin care line of products for their beauty salon and spas via our company, Pure Wholesale. We discuss their options – hair or skin care first? A signature shampoo and conditioner for a salon? It’s all very exciting to be a part of someone else’s dreams and knowing that you are contributing. But there is one factor that seems to dominate when it comes to important steps that have been glossed over in one’s pursuit of beauty dominance. The logo. There’s not one.

Why is this? From my experience, most people just get so caught up in the excitement of the idea of their new venture that they forget that the appearance of their products is crucial when trying to get a prospective buyer’s attention. The good news is that getting a professionally created logo is not that difficult to manage – and it’s very affordable thanks to the internet and the many graphic design freelancers that live in cyberland.

To find a graphic design artist, just peruse the “freelancer” sites that seem to be everywhere. One site that I just had some success with is The idea of using this site is simple. You sign up as a Service Buyer. Then you post a project with a selected budget that you can afford. Budgeting is based on tiers. For instance, the first tier, I believe, is $30 to $100. Once you select a budget, you then post a project. In this, you will explain what it is you are trying to get accomplished. It is very important that you explain (in detail) what you are looking for.

Example: “I need a logo for a men’s hair care line called ‘Zeus”. I’m looking for something masculine that men won’t be afraid to buy. Nothing frilly. Something elegant would be nice, as the price range is in the medium-to-expensive range.

Further, I need it in a vector format, preferable Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file, but an .eps will do. Artwork must be in layers so that it can be manipulated to fit different sized products.”

I included the second paragraph because we (at Pure Wholesale) ask for that specific type of file when receiving artwork from private label clients. Of course, you could also have your new, best friend designer help you with your entire line. I actually got an incredible logo for $100 on my last project. She (the designer) did such a great job that I will absolutely use her again.

So good luck with your domination of the beauty industry – just don’t overlook the image that will garner you all that well deserved attention.

How to Turn on a Beautiful Woman – 2 Ways to Make Her Melt!

Do you want to learn the art of turning on beautiful women? It really is simple once you learn the fundamentals. Below I’ve outlined a couple great ways to generate a lot of attention and curiosity from women. Curiosity is a very powerful thing in the dating game. It opens of the doors to build loads of attraction.

1. Challenge Her

Most men are completely dumb-struck when they attempt to talk to a beautiful woman. Her looks intimidate them so much that they rarely come up with something good to say.

You need to realize that this is good for you! The reason is because, you now have a way to shock her and bring her out of her reality and into yours.

When you are in conversation with a woman, make sure you are challenging. This includes doing things like push-pull routines and playful teasing.

Who do you think she will remember at the end of the night: The 10 guys who were completely clueless and overly “nice”, or the ONE man who was able to challenge her sense of reality and inspire emotions within her?

2. Social Proof

This is an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. If you wish to garner a lot of attention from women in the venue, I suggest arriving with beautiful women on each arm.

Women need to learn a man’s social value, and traits before they feel attraction (one of the reasons looks don’t really matter to them). Showing up to the venue with a group of good looking women automatically tells them that you hold high social value and that you have very desirable traits.

In other words, women are going to be way more receptive to you and it will be effortless to create attraction.

And One Last Thing…

Do you drink coffee? What if I told you that you could receive the World’s Best Seduction Advice [] for LESS than the cost of a single coffee? Would you be interested?

Hollywood’s Most Perfect Actress Had Beauty, Fashion, Grace and Humility

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 3 Stars (Good)

Was there ever an actress who combined these four timeless qualities-beauty, fashion, grace and humility-better than Audrey Hepburn? I think not, especially when I see her again in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Even an actress who could come close (and I can think of none) would in no way match the humility of Audrey Hepburn. We shall not see another like her in our lifetime and by then the film industry may be on the way out when some newer, better technology unknown to us today arrives.

All the more reason to purchase her five most memorable movies in DVD now while they are still available.

First would be her Oscar winning Best Actress performance in Roman Holiday opposite Gregory Peck, which was also her first starring role in an American film.

The next four would be her Best Actress Oscar nominations for Sabrina, The Nun’s Story, Wait Until Dark (one of the two scariest movies I have ever seen) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the Oscar went to Sophia Loren for Two Women).

Breakfast at Tiffany’s had two great assets, Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, the young New York socialite (we say socialite because this movie was released in 1961, 45 years ago), and Director Blake Edwards, whose deft, sensitive handling of Hepburn’s character (a high-priced prostitute) could not have been done better.

Holly Golightly’s beauty, sense of fashion and pure innocence prohibit me from thinking of her as a woman of the night. She is so inherently stylish. God has not made a woman that could wear clothes better than Audrey Hepburn. She has Holly Golightly floating around in Givenchy gowns with matchless grace and glamour.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is based on Truman Capote’s novel with the screenplay by George Axelrod, who also garnered an Oscar nomination. Henry Mancini (music) and Johnny Mercer (lyrics) teamed up to win an Oscar for the Original Song “Moon River” while Mancini earned another Oscar as well as a Grammy for Best Musical Score.

The story line has the two romantic interests dependent upon others for financial support, Holly as a lady of the night and Paul Varjak (George Peppard), a wannabe writer who is kept by the married and wealthy Mrs. Failenson (Patricia Neal). Eventually Holly and Paul experience some personal growth and find love together.

There are matchless moments in this film that find places forever in your heart. One is Hepburn sitting on the fire escape plaintively singing “Moon River,” especially when you remember that the theme of your high school senior prom was Moon River, and that you were with the girl you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. It is a rare opportunity to hear Hepburn sing in the movie.

She recorded singing vocals for her role as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady only to discover that professional “singing double” Marni Nixon had overdubbed all of her songs. Hepburn was not nominated for a Best Actress Oscar in this film, but her love interest Rex Harrison won the Best Actor Oscar for his role as Professor Henry Higgins.

The “little black dress” worn by Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was designed by Givenchy and sold at Christie’s auction this year (2006) for $920,000 with the proceeds going to aid underprivileged children in India. It was not the one worn by Hepburn in the movie. The only two dresses she wore are now in the Givenchy archives and the Museum of Costume in Madrid, Spain.

In Audrey Hepburn’s performance there are times when we are delighted by sweet innocence in a woman. You cannot imagine how difficult this is to find in today’s world.

Audrey Hepburn became a beauty and fashion icon, and although she did enjoy fashion, she placed little importance on it, preferring casual and comfortable clothes away from the bright lights and cameras.

I do want to give Breakfast at Tiffany’s an Excellent rating but cannot because of too many flaws in the film. I can easily give Audrey Hepburn an Excellent rating for her performance as Holly Golightly.

After 15 years as a highly successful actress Audrey Hepburn chose to lead a quieter life far away from Hollywood. She was married twice, first to actor Mel Ferrer and then to Italian doctor Andrea Dotti and had a son with each.

Hepburn was Belgian by birth and would grow up with her mother in The Netherlands, nearly starving to death during the Nazi occupation in World War II when the Dutch food and fuel supplies were cut off. Tragically, she suffered through watching her uncle and cousin being shot to death for being part of the Resistance movement.

She rose from the horrific atrocities of her youth to find fame and fortune in America and in the last four years of her life (1988 to 1992) became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund).

Only four months before her death from abdominal cancer she went on a mission to Somalia and was devastated to see the nightmare of famine and carnage.

Audrey Hepburn was the picture of beauty, fashion and grace but never for a minute let her success go to her head, and most certainly never led a Hollywood lifestyle of overblown debauchery so much in evidence in moviemaking and Tinseltown today.

See Breakfast at Tiffany’s because Audrey Hepburn became an important contributor to our time and culture. She not only represented the best in professional growth but made her life a legacy with her personal growth. She was a model of grace and humility in a world with little of either.

Copyright © 2006 Ed Bagley

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Note: Read my movie reviews on Broadway musicals: “Camelot”, “Chicago”, “Fiddler on the Roof” and “The Phantom of the Opera”. These are all excellent films.

Are Your Organic Beauty Products Really Organic?

Sales of organic products have exploded in recent years, although many people still question if they really are better for us to use. Several recent studies show that this latest trend in beauty supplies isn’t at all hype, and they are indeed better not only for our environment, but for our overall health as well. While these items have only recently garnered a significant amount of attention, the reality is that organic products are nothing new. They’ve been around for ages but only in recent years have more people begun to see the benefits in using them.

The problem is that there is no direct regulation of the cosmetics industry with respect to these products. Many claim to be natural and/or organic, when the truth is that they may contain one natural ingredient, while the rest of the ingredients are harsh chemicals. Not exactly natural or organic.

The National Organic Program (NOP), a division of the US Department of Agriculture, has instituted a voluntary certification program for manufacturers of cosmetics. Understanding how the certification is applied will help you to choose the right product, based on your personal feelings and preferences. Following are the classifications used by the USDA in determining what goes on the label for any organic product.

100% Organic

Goods that are certified 100% organic must be 100% organic. Period. The only ingredient exceptions are water and salt. These products will bear the USDA certification seal.


Products labeled as Organic must contain at least 95% organically grown ingredients. Again, this excludes water and salt. The remaining 5% must be non-agricultural products that are on the USDA’s approved ingredient list. Products classified in this manner will bear the USDA seal.

Made With Organic Ingredients

Items labeled as made or produced with organic ingredients must contain a minimum of 70% organically produced components. While the percentage of organic material and up to 3 organic ingredients may be listed on the product label, these products do not bear the USDA seal for a certified organic product.

Products with Less than 70% Organic Material

Even if the product contains a single organic ingredient, if the entire product is not made up of at least 70% organic elements, the term organic is not to be used on the label.

When purchasing any organic beauty product, it’s important to realize that not everything labeled organic really is. Until the government mandates certification for these products, many companies will try to exploit the terms “natural” and “organic” in order to sell more product.

You should perform due diligence prior to purchasing any product by carefully reading the ingredients on the label and looking for the USDA Certified Organic seal. Only by purchasing products with the USDA seal can you be assured that you are buying a product that is truly organic

Ways to Get Beautiful Eyebrows

A subtle but important part of looking beautiful and put together is having great eyebrows. Good eyebrows frame the face and make your entire look come together without drawing too much attention to themselves. If you get your eyebrows right, the result will be a very natural yet polished look. Get it wrong and you will garner stares for all the wrong reasons. It only takes a small amount of maintenance to get well-defined brows.

If you find that your eyebrows are simply too bushy, this is a fairly easy problem to fix. A lot of people pluck but not many actually cut the hairs themselves. This is very important for a well-groomed look if your brow hairs tend to be long. The best way to go about this is to comb the brows upward using a mascara spoolie. Then simply cut the ends of the hairs that extend beyond the existing brow shape. Cut just a little at first. You can always go back and cut more but if you cut too much, there isn’t much you can do to fix it. Cut a little, comb it again, and see where you need to cut more.

You should also pluck stray hairs between your brows and above and below the browline. One common problem is overplucking and the area above the nose is particularly susceptible to overzealous tweezing. You definitely want to pluck the hairs that grow in above your nose but never, ever extend the gap between your two brows to above the eye area itself. This never looks good. Get rid of everything growing above and below your browline as well, making sure to get as close to the line as possible because it’s the hairs that grow in closest to the line that can eventually make the line lose its shape. Tweezers with an angled tip work best for plucking. Many people prefer to do their tweezing immediately after a shower as this helps soften the surrounding skin and helps the individual hairs to glide out more easily. If you find plucking painful, ice can help soothe the area afterward and bring down any swelling.

When applying makeup, filling in eyebrows is a step that simply should not be skipped. It doesn’t matter if you use pencil or powder but you should definitely avoid markers and pens because these will not give you a natural look. Always choose a filler that is one shade lighter than your eyebrow color. Use short strokes of the pencil or your powder brush starting at the inside and working outside. Blend with a cotton swab, then look in the mirror to see if there are any areas you need to go over. Gel can help keep unruly brows in place but be sure to stick to clear formulas for this purpose.

If your brows are so sparse that filling them in still doesn’t help, you may need to consider taking vitamins for hair loss

Beauty Sleep To Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes

Eye puffiness is a constant cause of worry for women of today. It makes you look overworked, tired and severely stressed and also greatly decreases your attractiveness. To combat dark circles from forming underneath your eyes, here are simple activities and methods which you can do within the comforts of your own home.

The first step to prevent dark circles from forming is to have enough rest and sleep for the day. Physicians usually recommend 6 to 8 hours of sleep. The Chinese also believe that when you sleep during the hours of 11pm to 3am, your liver naturally rejuvenates your body. Sleeping during these hours help you garner more benefits from it that sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. When sleeping, you can also elevate your head with pillows to help decrease eye puffiness. Your head should be higher than your heart when sleeping. Gravity will help lessen the accumulated blood underneath your eyes when you sleep in this position.

Eye puffiness is also caused by the pooling of blood into lax blood vessels underneath the eyes. Cool tea bags and ice wrapped in a soft cloth, when applied to the eyes also reduce their puffiness. These items are known to decrease the distension because of the tannin in the tea bags and the strong cooling effect of ice, which are known to vasoconstrict the blood vessels, thus decreasing blood from pooling in them. Cucumber slices also help in reducing eye puffiness and dark circles. Apply them for about 15 minutes to reduce the puffiness and you’re off to go.

Eating healthier foods can help decrease your chances of developing dark circles. Fruits and vegetables are known to contain antioxidants which help flush out the toxins in your body. Try to take in an adequate amount of water to help the process, too.

Garner Compliments Wearing Rose Gold Jewelry, the Latest Jewelry Trend

Rose gold jewelry, this is appearing since the past 2 to 3 years. This is a blush color metal and has gained prominence during spring and summer. This trend as gold fixtures is bought even as a gift. Today, this precious metal is widely used and women, you must have at least one in your collection.

Adding rose jewelry into your collection means find the pieces of jewelry that look good and go well in combination with your yellow gold and silver jewelry. The gold jewelry looks nice, regardless of the style or metal. Having a personalized rose ring stack is fun. These minimalist varying bands are now available as motifs and in varying thicknesses that it can be a statement ring that is less expensive yet appears dazzling with gemstone studded. The color braided gold band makes it very special.

How it is Made

First, Rose gold appeared in Russia as copper infused metal was incorporated in the jewelry designs by Carl Faberge, the well-known jeweler.

Rose actually is not available directly from the nature. As already known, the pure gold is in same color and the jewelry color changes only owing to the mixing of alloys or other metals. The metal mixing ratios change the gold color.

The metal receives its colors on mixing copper alloys with pure gold and silver is also added in small amount. The mix having more copper means the jewelry appears redder and the one with less copper comes in pink color.

The typical 18k modern-day rose looks featuring gold to 75%, silver 4% and copper to 21%. The fact is that as the content of silver reaches to 5% or closed, you will notice gold appearing more of pink in color.

The beauty of rose jewelry is that it offers a comprehensive look and the jewelry appears simple, yet stylish garnering compliments from your neighbors, love, coworkers, friends and relatives.

Rose Jewelry prominence

Copper is an alloy. Owing to the high copper content only the rose gold jewelry emerges and as the fact is that copper with age gets darker and over time less rosy. The jewelry appears vintage inspired, but surely is a style statement.

Today, the market has rose jewelry in lots and there are designers trying to bring different styles using this hue of gold. The purple gemstones fit in soft pink makes the rose look stunning and reflect your skin glow.

The necklace pendants in rose gold also look amazing. Rose gold was used in the Victorian era in the pendants and today is a bohemian style. If you are a person loving antique jewelry, turn the gold into some jewelry piece of your taste. Even if a rose jewelry is broken, you can wear it as a brooch or a stickpin, it will shine. The rose gold jewelry is recognized as personalized jewelry offering a feminine touch and charm. Use it for your zodiac sign and use it as charm pieces in your jewelry, in the necklace or ring, it is sure to look beautiful.

100 Most Beautiful Women in the World

I’ve always laughed at those kinds of lists. I’ve just never thought of any of them as very realistic. I mean I have to admit that Angelina Jolie is beautiful. That’s not what I’m saying. But, what if there was some gorgeous angel in a village somewhere that the researchers for People have never visited?

I just think they make it too easy on themselves. They don’t scour the earth looking for people who actually might fit the profile. No! They look as far as the headlines for the celebrities in high profile to complete their little lists. How accurate could it be if we haven’t lined up every beautiful woman in the world and examined them thoroughly?

Yes, we have beauty pageants that cover every country in the world. Women who wish to participate. But, not every beautiful woman participates. There’s a farmer’s daughter somewhere in Japan or a pub owner’s sister in Ireland who don’t give one iota for being in a beauty pageant. So, really those beauty pageants are only by default. We can only choose from the ladies who are willing to compete.

Sure, we come very close with our Hooter girls. And Hefner has the best idea of anyone for what a beautiful woman actually looks like. He’s seen them. I just keep thinking that down by the river gathering water for her North African village is one lady that will blow them all away. But, she doesn’t even know about a pageant or her beauty or some 100 most beautiful woman’s list.

I wish those lists were named a little more accurately. They could be named 100 Most Beautiful Women In The World Of The Ones We Actually Know. Or why don’t they just call it what it is? Just Another Competition Between The Celebrities. Suzy down the street doesn’t get to play. This one is between Jennifer Anniston and Cherlize Theron, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The celebrities get to see once again who is better than who. It’s not as if they don’t have enough of those already. That red carpet is getting pretty worn out.

What I have actually wrestled with over the years is who I would pick in my top five. I wrestle with it because I’m unorthodox. While most guys go for the obvious, the latest and greatest. I’m a diehard. I’ve stuck with the same twenty throughout the years. And I can’t put them in order for who actually gets the top five. It all depends on when I’m thinking about it.

Watching Leaving Las Vegas with Nicolas Cage, the answer is Elisabeth Shue. She’s got some kind of look in her eye that knocks me dead. But, when I’m watching Under the Tuscan Sun, there’s Diane Lane. My absolute favorite of all time! Until I watch Dangerous Minds and see Michelle Pfeiffer. Flipping through the channels I see Heather Locklear on Boston Legal. And what about Sarah Jessica Parker, Faith Hill, Shania Twain and oh…Carrie Underwood. And of course, Jennifer Anniston is on my list. She has to be! That was just a joke earlier. While I’m at it, Cherlize is too. And Lindsay Lohan for some reason.

But, did you notice? My list did not include any Pam, Paris or Britney. Mostly none of the beautiful women other men would choose would make my list for some reason. I mean, I see how beautiful they are. But, there’s just something about them that keeps them off my list. And I can’t figure it out. I’ve wrestled with it for years. Here’s how the argument goes with me.

Who is more beautiful, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston? My answer is Jennifer Anniston even though I do wrestle with it from time to time when I see a picture of Angelina Jolie in a foreign land spending time with a child. And she’s for real about it too! She’s no Madonna who comes from New York and tries to sound like she’s British. The whole adoption thing with her was absolutely ridiculous. It’s like she’s trying to play catch up with Angelina like it’s some kind of trendy thing to do. Anyway, see how I battle with it?

But, Jennifer wins out every time. Why? It’s hard to explain. That’s a funny conversation within itself.

“She’s like the girl next door. Like she’s not some supermodel or anything.”

“But, she’s as gorgeous as any of those supermodels.”

“Oh, I know. I didn’t mean it like that. But, there’s something about her that’s down to earth. She’s more real to me.”

And going over that conversation for you, I realized two more. Courtney Cox and Heidi Klum. It was the whole comparing Jennifer with a supermodel and I came up with Courtney and a supermodel. See how my mind works? How many is that so far anyway? It looks like in my top five, I have about thirteen. So, there’s still a few missing.

But to get back to my point about Jennifer, it’s the whole real thing that does it for me. Angelina with her gracious style like her every move is choreographed. She makes taking a shot of whiskey look sexy. She makes the look when the alcohol burns her mouth look like you want a drink, not just a drink, her drink, not just her drink, her. Total sexy. All the time.

But, Jennifer I watched through the years in Friends. I’ve seen her sick. I’ve seen her cry. I’ve seen her in her pajamas with a busted lip. She was always gracious and always gorgeous. But, she was real.

It’s like the sitcom wives. None of them would ever grace a catwalk or even Peoples most beautiful blah, blah, blah. But, they are. They are real and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Everybody Loves Raymond’s Patricia Heaton. Stunning, and yet real.

Still Standing’s Jamie Gertz. Always did love her.

According to Jim’s Courtney Thorne-Smith, I mean cute right?

You get the point? What’s that make sixteen now? Getting closer.

But, I don’t always follow my own rules. I mean, I have no idea what the Jessica Simpson thing is about. I just like her. It’s like at the end of Dukes of Hazard when she was even in blue jeans. See, I’m not even talking about her in her Daisy Dukes. I’m talking about when she’s walking toward the roadblock trying to cause a distraction. The look in her eyes and the way she cocked her head as she was walking one foot in front of the other. That did it for me.

But, my main strength is seeing what others don’t. Look at who has been an unsung hero for years. The sidekick to Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30. But, I first noticed her when she played a little part in an old David Schwimmer and Jason Lee movie entitled Kissing A Fool. Judy Greer stole one of the only scenes she was in when they finally realize Jason loves the girl his best friend David’s been dating. Her jaw drops. She cocks her head. Then she scats out of the room. Her little part made the scene.

And then there’s Ashley Judd. What gets me most about her is how she went out on her own. She was touring with her sister and her mother. But, that wasn’t for her. She went off on her own and made her own name for herself. Boy, can she be sexy. And she is very real.

So, that brings me to one more left. What that actually means is that I have about thirty or forty in my top five. But, I’ll spare you and just finish with that last one. I’ll kick myself in the butt later for not including this one or not including that one. I just have to let you know that your jaw might drop. But, I have proof of how beautiful this lady can be. Bette Midler has a way of shooting a glance at the camera and knocking me dead.

So, that’s basically my list of women I will never have. Women I would be lucky to even meet. But, I have a feeling. One day, I will be walking down the street minding my own business and I’ll happen to look up just at the right time. I’ll see her standing there. The most beautiful woman in the world. She’ll talk to me in her Southern accent and I will completely melt. Then I will understand why People Magazine makes lists the way they do. I won’t want the whole world knowing how beautiful she is either. Leave that competition to the ones who want it.

5 Things To Keep In Mind For An Upright Beauty Products Site

Today, the beauty and fashion industry is one of the fast flourishing ones, promoting the lifestyles of women. Like all other businesses in the retail category, it too became a part of the eCommerce bandwagon. By far, hundreds if not thousands of lucrative cosmetics selling stores went live. Clearly they are changing women’s habits about beauty and personal care. As per market studies, a significant percentage of beauty products customers are buying things online. It is this trend that is provoking many retailers, even the small-sized ones to bring up their products to the online front. But, what are the things to keep in mind to get an online store for your beauty merchandises developed? Have a look.

Elegant and Poise Design

Remember, you are making a website for the self-conscious and fashionable ladies out there. So, you need to make it look elegant, blended with style. Design your cosmetics store with flair using professional yet a custom layout. Some other key things to bear in mind while deciding the design is avoiding too much bright colours, bigger fonts and lastly, cluttered elements or graphics on the site. The home page should be clean and well-organised to give a posh look to the site, like that of an offline storefront.

Catalogs and Product Listings

The products of any beauty and cosmetics business are vast in number and fall into widespread categories. So, you have to choose an eCommerce platform that will empower you to create ceaseless number of categories for your products. Besides, buyers never forget to look at the release and expiry dates while buying. You have to be sure of providing separate columns to display the same.

Follow the Trend

When you are into the fashion world, one of the key ways to validate your business ideas or products is to go with the trend. There are ways to do that! While deciding to open up an online beauty products shop, get yourself acknowledged to the beauty concepts, new brands, products or any recent fashion craze going around. To let your buyers know that you’re going with the trend, maintain a blog section and keep it updated by garnering information, views of the trend-setters, influencers, and artists from the industry.

Easy ways to make payments

While an online site will give ladies a super-fast and easy way to get into fashion shopping anytime they want, it can be nearly useless to few without online payments facility. So, make ways for them to pay with secured options like Amazon pay or PayPal.

Get some unique presentation

Lastly, this is the most crucial point to consider if you are dealing with fashion and lifestyle items. Buyers want to see and examine a product minutely before purchasing it. So, make sure the products images can be viewed from different angles, can be enlarged to a great degree and loads quickly upon clicking.

You need to get these tips fully engraved into your mind to turn your beauty passion into a secure online business. However, make sure to leverage the befitting eCommerce platform which can provide you with beautiful design elements and exclusive features.